Friday, 14 January 2011


Jesus didn't make them disciples then immediately sent them out to get on with it- saving souls or catching men...NO Jesus built them on God's word, He taught them daily (e.g Matthew 18). They were with Him most of the time if not 24/7, so they were able to see Him at work, able to gather experience. THEN Jesus sent them out in Matthew 10 v 5-8.

YOU CAN'T JUST EXPECT YOURSELF TO DO THE THINGS OF GOD IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM, IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THEM.. NO! SPEND TIME WITH YOUR MASTER, YOUR CREATOR; HE WILL FAMILIARIZE YOU ON YOUR WORK ON THIS EARTH. There is no need to be confused or to hate yourself when you do the wrong things or when you are too scared to do some things in God, GET TO KNOW YOUR GOD. Notice He said in the verse above "I will MAKE you" it is HIS job, (NOT YOURS) to LEAD you, just as it was JESUS'S job to lead the disciples of those days. Do you think those disciples would have been able to be and act like they did without Jesus's guidance? Do you think that they could have done and continued those great works started by Jesus IF Jesus hadn't guided them on earth before He left NO! NO! The Holy Spirit has taken Jesus's place now, therefore meditate on the word and He WILL be speaking to you, leading you... oh its a BEAUTIFUL thing I (personally) assure you...remember YOU CAN'T EXPECT TO DO EFFECTIVELY WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW EFFECTIVELY...when you KNOW, when YOU are familiar...MY GOODNESS(!), YOU would GO OUT TO DO God's work with CONFIDENCE, (no fear etc). Remember "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" (will post location in Bible later).

God bless TO YOU ALL- my BeaUtifUL brothers and sisters in Christ ALL OVER the WORLD, I love YOU ALL with the LOVE OF CHRIST "Grace to YOU and peace from GOD the Father and our LORD JESUS CHRIST" (Galatians 1 v 3)

Since this is also my first time writing this year GOD BLESS YOU, THIS is the YEAR OF OPEN DOORS for YOU and your FAMILY IN JESUS NAME- (take this, i don't write anything for nothing brothers and sisters) and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

God bless YOU

Until next time...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

ipraiseGod: YOUR TREASURES-look around and see!

ipraiseGod: YOUR TREASURES-look around and see!

YOUR TREASURES-look around and see!

Brothers and sisters today I greatly urge you to believe and walk with every word that comes from your ministers mouth or those holding similar positions in your church in fact anyone standing before you in the church pulpit that is representing God in anyway-either just a member of the church that’s preaching on weekdays or anyone that is speaking about God…..take hold of their word, take it, its treasure a lot take it for granted, catch every of their declarations directed to the church (you KNOW they are for you). Even something as seemingly little (to some) as ‘God bless you’, or the declaration of your church for the year e.g. this is the year of great manifestations; I am telling you now, TAKE IT, its coming from someone God has ordained ..YOU have to believe in the anointing before it can work for you.

Take for instance what happened when Jesus came to the land of Genesaret; the people SAW Him as He was- treasure (Matthew 14 v 34- 36) and so they treated Him as one; they quickly grasped what was in their reach because they knew His importance and the Bible clearly states that “…as many as touched it (the hem of His garment) were made perfectly well”. The opposite happened when Jesus came to His own town where He was born (Mark 6 v1-6); they failed to see Him as He was, they were blinded by their own beliefs; they failed to see Him as their deliverer, savior, the ultimate treasure; the Bible clearly states the result “Now He could do no mighty work there…” they missed their testimonies because they refused to see what was right there before them. They’d heard the same thing as those in Genesaret had heard, even saw but they just didn’t think He was good enough, they knew better. The truth was they’d failed to see and it COST them even though they were so hard hearted to see it.

Make a decision today to see- or at least if it’s too hard to do (like those in Jesus’ hometown) give it to God constantly in prayer and MEDITATE on the word (those hearts were hardened because God wasn’t in them so evil dominated in them) because though it’s costing you a lot like those in Jesus’ town, you will not know it. Now look around you… there’s always a treasure, it might be hard to see at first after long periods of not acknowledging it but it’s there. It could be your church-perhaps you don’t attend as often as you should, or you get there late, It could be as I said earlier the words that come out of those representing God on the pulpit, your Bible, Christian friends, God related books that are at your disposal to read but you don’t read them; remember there are some who don’t have access just a mere mention of the name of Jesus will get them into Jail.

What are all those treasures you have been taking for granted? What you don’t value you’ll misuse, abuse and in some cases lose. LOOK AROUND WITH ME NOW AND BEGIN TO SEE THESE TREASURES, record it all down if that’s a way for you to remember and to keep tab of it is David believed so much in the anointing and it worked for him, you have to believe in this treasure for it to work for you. God bless you all in the name of Jesus!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Continue your jouRney into thIS year witH the 'VERSE OF THE WEEK'

jEREMIAH 7V22-23____ 22) 'for I did not speak to your fathers or command them in the day i brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices.___ 23)'bUT this is what I commanded them saying "obey my voice and i will be your God and you shall be my people" In other words, this year God is not asking you to sacrifice lambs, wear some weird outfit to honour Him...all he wants you to do is TO OBEY HIS VOICE, to follow Him 'I am the light of the world those who follow me shall not walk in darkness' you can't go wrong when you follow Him, anything you do will be marked with success from the word GO! Question is do we have the ability to obey HIM, Do we perceive Him as that God He is, our Creator....such knowledge can oNLY be gotten from the meditation of the word of God. For quite a while I treated Him like the confirmer, basically I went out there, doing everything then saying 'Lord am about to do this do it with me' when He should have being the leader telling ME what do. It wasn't that I wanted to put Him in that position it was about me not being confident in our communication...I wasn't sure on how He PLans on talking to me/communicating wit me, I saw it as slow an just thought 'he'll be wit me init'..BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOWThing is the word MAKES YOU KNOW along with other things such as drawing U to God; when you meditate on it, it brings God home to you, makes you awAre of Him in a higher sense. You begin to see things clearly, you see HIM, you begin to be confident of Him leading you because YOU KNOW YOU WOULD HEAR...ure now sensitive to His directions because U know Him. Heres a passage in the word I have 2 share wit you; it said 'you are a weapon of war...With you I shall break nations into pieces with you I shall destroy Kingdoms' In other words He WANTS to lead you, U are on this very earth to be led by God to get the best out of everything. So with HIM LEADING YOU, YOU CAN’T MAKE A WRONG just can't do anything wrong.This is why when the Israelites still were not OBEYING Him 'and were following the dictates of their evil hearts' they 'WENT BACKWARDS AND NOT FORWARDS' ..see its essential to be able to follow God because our hearts on its own can be manipulated by the outside world easily where as God is the CREATOR,THE BEGINNING AND THE LAST, HE KNOWS WHAT HAS BEING AND WHATS TO COME...with Him leading you, me, this nation; we can't go wrong!!Take this thought with you throughout this week (you can even meditate on the passage itself) but know that the closer to God U r the easier your life (all U r doing by following Him is making life easier for yourself because not all doors of opportunity are as they seem) and the easier it is to give your life to HIM...and how do you know Him???? THROUGH HIS WONDERFUL WORD!

PRAYER OF THE WEEK : Lord I have realised the importance of obeying You; as this is the beginning of a new year, Lord BE MY LEADER, TAKE THAT POSITION BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO STAY IN THE SAME WAY…I MOVE FORWARD IN YOU AND THIS LIFE IN JESUS NAME. See I’ve come to realise ure the CREATOR (while I am the created), THE BEGINNING AND THE LAST, HE WHO KNOWS WHAT HAS BEING AND WHATS TO COME…you alone know the best so LEAD ME THIS YEAR. Part of being ABLE to obey You is being sensitive to your directions which can only be formed inside me by your word, so lord GIVE ME THE GRACE THIS YEAR TO WANT TO READ YOUR WORD, TO WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM SERVING. Amen in JESUS NAME

Monday, 17 November 2008

Beginning of a NEW WEEK....

..needs the word of God alongside,to prepare us,withstand us...
VERSE OF THE WEEK: Jeremiah 51v15-16
this verse is mindblowing...utterly out of this world!!!
"when He utters His voice- there is a multitude of waters in the heavens:He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth;He makes lightning for the rain; He brings the wind out of His treasurers"
Can you see the lord in all His glory,POWER and MIGHT!! coz all THOSE things are happening JUST COZ HE SPOKE!!! this is who YOU are serving..THIS IS WHO WE SERVE,WHO WE PRAY TO...this OUR God who HIS mere gestures is a catalyst of ACTION, EXCITEMENT and ACTIVITY!!.I don't know bout u but this makes prayer a touch more excitin; worship a touch more special coz i am speaking to THIS magnificent, ALL-POWERFUL, GOD.. it makes my heart sing with joy..that i serve THIS God. Beginning of a new week; use this verse to make you secured,to strenthen you, to get u ready for a new week KNOWING this powerful God is who you serve and HE'S with YOU and infact His in YOU..SO U'RE READY FOR ANYTHING!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


i saw lots of my mum's old pictres few days ago,i could see ow proud she i thought of my day i would be looking at MY old pictures and thinking back to my youth days..and i realised at that second that i WANTED to smile too with pride when i see the joy of God in my see HIS PROGRESSION IN MY LIFE and HIS USING OF ME TO GLORIFY HIS NAME... This has made me more determined to make evry minuite, second of my life count,to be meaninful and worth it 4 my God..the life is like a cloud that appears for a seccond and poofs out again with no hesitation, my mum said all those years seemed like yesterday..that life runs, it doesn't wait for anybody.Its up to us to make most of that life to fufill what we were sent into this world to do.Seeing mum's pictures also made me decide to ave my own picture diary to capture every aspect of my life especially the ASPECT OF WORKING FOR MY GOD-wher my joy begins an where it ends-u could also adopt this idea..God bless

Sunday, 22 June 2008

1 Samuel 16-18v23..power of God behind David

My brother and i treated the defeat of goliat by David a few days ago...and what can i say the story taught us alot and so i thought i would like to share it with you today.Imagine the size of goliat against david and still david failed to take account of the physical aspect of this, to david this goliat that the whole of isreal was running from was a timid insultive individual.David was insulted..the nerve some had...WHY?? because he knew who he was serving, He knew God was behind isreal therfore HOW DARE AN UNCIRCUMCISED (nothing agaist people like this,at that time it was a sign that God wasn't with you)PHILISTINE COME AROUND AND START TREATING THE GOD OF ISREAL LIKE one was prepared to vocal this out but david was, he knew who he was serving and knew someone had to stand up to show this overgrowm fool who he was against..HE KNEW and he wasn't to be discouraged by the size of that thing because to david goliat was not more than a speck before the army of God..if david hadn't decided to stand up goliat would have won..WHY? the army that are already running because of the sight of this big giant would not be able to claim what is rightly theres and God needs peole today HE WANTS TO USE YOU..allow him to..don't be scared of any contradiction or an imposible obstacle you are going though..know who you are serving and put that obstacle in its place as david did to goliat...go and meditate on it coz its just so powerful..OH GLORY TO GOD..know that nothing is to big for your God to do...imagine how imposible goliat looked, no wonder the isrealites ran..the flesh ran..but david saw goliat for who he really was...i mean if the lord is with you ..WHO DARES TO COME AGAINST YOU AND WIN..NO ONE!! and david knew that ..we must KNOW that too..not learn to know,but KNOW!! LIKE KNOWING YOU ARE do we do this? meditating (focussing)on the word so that it can put it into your consciousness so that you KNOW before you even won't have to keep reminding yoursef..e.g imust top doing this/ would just fgind yourself unconscously fighting not to do that thing....
If you have any questions you can reply to me..we can discuss about this and any other issues you might want to talk about.
Stay blessed!!